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Mobile Crusher

The Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant is not limited to the location of crushing operation, and it reduces the cost of material transportation.

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VSI Crushers

While most other crushers reduce rocks by pushing them by force against metal, VSI crushers also use the rock fed into the machine to crush itself.

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Shaker screen API to mesh size conversion

Many clients asked us this question, how to revert API to micron of separation point/cut point or mesh for shaker screen mesh,even many of shaker screens manufacturers do not know this well. Some manufacturers use the API number as mesh directly, this is incorrect, if clients do not have professional knowledge, they will use the wrong mesh screens and can not get the ideal result.

Shaker Screen Mesh Api 200 Henan FT Mining Machinery

Shaker screen 200 mesh and 200 API Shengjia MDLFLC 503 shale shaker panels with part number PWP 500HP A35 A40 A60 A70 A80 A100 A120 A140 A170 A200 A230 Shaker screen PN PWP4830DXA100 PMD4830HPA120 Plane wave screens PWP . View More Details. Cross Reference Chart API RP 13C SQUARE MESH. API RP 13 C is the new recommended way of classifying Shaker Screens

Shale Shaker Screen FLC 500 and FLC2000 Hot

Shale Shaker Screen FLC 500 and FLC2000 Hot. Shakers screens PMD500, HP-A70, mesh 80, 500HP. Screens for shale shaker model 514 (flat & corrugated). Shale shaker screen with size: API 70, API 80, API 100, API 120, API 200, API 230, API 270. Shale shaker screen: PMD 500 × A170. Screen panel: PWP48-30DX-A35, PWP48-30DX-A60, PWP48-30DX-A80. change draw bolt

Replacement PMD Shaker Screen for Derrick FLC 2000

Replacement Screens for Derrick FLC 2000 / 48 × 30 Shale Shaker PMD. Technical Parameter. Material: stainless steel 304/316/316 L. Construction Type: PMD (pyramid). Wear Mesh Shape: rectangle. API RP 13 C Designation: API 20–API 325. Series: DX, DF, HP optional. Color: green. Package: 2 pcs per carton, packed in wooden case.

API To Micron for Shaker screen mesh GN Solids Control

200: 74: 0.074: 0.0029: 230: 62: 0.062: 0.0024: 270: 53: 0.053: 0.0021: 325: 44: 0.044: 0.0017: This is a chart to show how to convert mesh to microns, to know how to convert microns( D100 separation), then to know how to convert mesh to API, or API to mesh, pls contact GN solids control. We can produce replacement shaker screens for Derrick 500, Derrick 48-30, Kem-tron KTL48, Swaco Mongoose

Shale Shaker Screen products AiPu Solid control,Solids

API 200 >58-69: API 230 >49-58: API 270 >41.5-49: API 325 >35-41.5: API 400: More Brand and Models Shaker Screen Replacement. Besides listed screens, there are also many other models and makes of shaker screen. Such as the SCOMI, DFE shaker screens, and so on. Please be assured, Aipu will provide you all exact fit replacement screen. If your shaker screen is very special and rarely

Cross Reference Chart API RP 13C SQUARE MESH

API RP 13 C is the new recommended way of classifying Shaker Screens. Testing utilizes rotap machine and ASTM sieves. A manufactures screens sample is tested within this sieve column. It is based on 100% retention of the media (Aluminum oxide) on the test screen for API classification for that screen. Cross Reference Chart API RP 13C SQUARE MESH Current Screen Designation API RP


Shaker Screens”. API RP13C compliance in the testing procedure means that manufacturers test certain mesh-es using the spelled criteria within the test. The manufacturers then label both their screens, and their screen packaging with the results of the test and are then API compliant. The procedure tests mesh performance down to a specific micron. That micron # falls into a range of microns

Replacement SWACO ALS-2 Shale Shaker Shaker Screen

SJ-ALS-2 shaker screen with dimension of 1141 × 1210 mm, is produced to meet the exact API specifications as a replacement screen for ALS series shale shakers from M-I SWACO. It is commonly compatible with the ALS-2 shaker. Banded steel hook edges prevent the screen from flattening and eliminating mesh pull-out caused by fine wire mesh or high tension screens.

Replacement Shaker Screen for Brandt King Cobra/Hybrid

Replacement Screens for Brandt King Cobra/Hybrid Shale Shakers. Technical Parameter. Mesh Material: stainless steel 304/316/316 L. Frame Material: Q235 steel/PT. Screen Type: XL, XR. API RP 13C Designation: API 120 API 325. Package: packed in paper carton, shipped by wooden case.

Replacement Shaker Screen for Brandt 4' × 5' / B40

Replacement Hook Strip Soft Screens for Brandt 4' × 5' / B40 Shakers. Technical Parameter. Mesh Material: stainless steel 304/316/316 L. Frame Material: Q235 steel. Screen Type: XL, XR, MG. API RP 13C Designation: API 120 API 325. Suitable Environment: water-based. Package: packed in paper carton, shipped by wooden case.

Shaker screen standard API number and mesh size --

Shaker screen standard API number and mesh size. We often get some inquiries from potential clients. They have doubt on shaker screen standard mesh size. Some of them are confused by mesh size and API number. Lets find some information on shaker scree mesh size as below PR12067203

Shaker screens API shaker screens,shale shaker screen

Manufacture shale shaker screen with API standard. we offer flat, hookstrip, pyramid, polyurethane,composite shaker screens. High quality with competitive price.

Shaker Screen, Shale Shaker Screens, Screen Panel H

Shale shaker screen is fine mesh (single, dual or triple layered) used for filtering and separating drilling cuttings from mud (drilling fluid). It is of great importance to drilling efficiency, H-Screening separation technology is committed to designing the high quality screening to provide our clients the right screen for the perfect fit at competitive price. Quality manufactured and API

Shaker Screens—API standardizes criteria for solids

New API guidelines for testing and labeling shaker screens should simplify the screen selection process and provide screens that will efficiently filter cuttings from drilling mud.

Screen mesh size and API size GN Solids Control

Screen size usually indicated by mesh size or API size. Many clients wonder: what is difference of mesh size and API size? can they convert to each other? Definition of mesh size: Mesh count is the number of opening per inch in directions perpendicular to each other and parallel to the screen wires. For example, a 40-mesh screen would have 40 openings per inch in one direction and 40 openings

Replacement Shale Shaker Screen for Top Deck of

SJ-VSM 300S scalping shale shaker screen is manufactured as the replacement screen for Brandt VSM 300 shale shaker. It is installed on the top deck of the VSM 300, which are used to scalp off large volumes of solids. Thus protecting the finer mesh of the lower deck (primary) screens. The scalping screen is usually sized from API 10 to API 325, ShengJia promises you high quality VSM 300 screen

AX Screening System National Oilwell Varco

Screen life is increased over a two-mesh configuration through improved transportation, which is affected by the interaction between the top and intermediate layers of mesh. Single-Layer screen. The Single-Layer (SL) screen is generally used for the scalping (top) deck of the shaker. Unlike other shakers in the marketplace, the top deck of Axiom Shakers enables the use of the same small

API Shale Shaker Screen GN Solids Control

We understand, the cost-effective shale shaker screens are very important for the drilling operations solids control equipment.GN shale shaker screen are compliant to API RP 13C. GN continues to develop the best technology to manufacture top quality shaker screens for our clients.

API RP 13C An Explanation & FAQ’s

API RP 13C An Explanation & FAQ’s Summary: API has revised the shale shaker screen testing procedures and numbering convention. By using the new API Screen Number, confusion among screen types is reduced and comparison between screen types can made fairer. Some screens which may previously have been named “200 mesh” may now have an API Screen Number of only 100 to 140.